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What a pleasant and welcomed surprise  Innocently nestled in the RSL car park to escape the poor weather, however usually held in the more open space behind the Information Center every second Saturday. The Dubbo Market is mixed array of local produce, oils, soaps, baked goods and meats. The most surprising aspect of the Market […]

“Detroit, seize the moment, come now for the present energy” The Detroit Art Scene is alive and kicking, growing at an uncontrollable rate over the last 5 to 8 years. Detroit, regardless of its bad rap, has become a lawless frontier for the wider arts community. Artists wanting a new start are flooding to the […]

I’m not sure if it’s sad or amusing that a fast food outlet can do a roaring trade with this in the car park. Society has become that accustomed to fast food that this restaurant doesn’t even have to be presentable anymore. -JLS-

Early Morning I don’t know what it is about Elgin St, but of a morning it has an unwelcome, haunted feel about it. When I’d go fishing down behind the old butcher (the building isn’t actually there anymore) I would walk down Elgin St to get to the river, I always found it intriguing that […]

My nephew Wyatt was thrilled with the small bird I found this morning. After I let the bird go, Wyatt kept asking me to come with him while he checked on it. -JLS-