Yenda Cemetery

A Long picturesque walk to a peaceful place

Although the nights and mornings have been chilly, the lush Riverina has been providing warm Autumn days.

I took advantage of the warmth today and made an ardent 5km journey out too the Yenda Cemetery.


In a sense I wished the road were longer after being treated to exquisite surrounds.



Upon my arrival I was extremely disheartened at finding a pair of steel gates. Thankfully once I approached I found they weren’t locked, it was merely a precautionary measure.



The old part of the cemetery, I was quite saddened when I saw a few headstones of babies from early last century that read nothing more than Infant a last name and a date.



I’m not sure what to make of this, my first thoughts were that of avid sheep producer, perhaps its representation was clearer when it were newly erected.



Making my return I decided to follow the train tracks back to town, It’s interesting that the train lines aren’t fenced off down here, not like back where I’m from.



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