USA Summary


Breakfast in LA

I started out in LAX and that is where this story will conclude.
A day in LA as an attempt to shake off the jetlag that I didn’t really obtain.
I made the most of my time in LA with a visit to Hollywood and the walk of Stars.
The following day I flew over the corn belt to St Louis, Missouri and got a transfer to New Orleans, Louisiana. Although my time in St Louis was brief I was surprised to find people aren’t as “Southern” as I’d expected.

Arriving in New Orleans I find there’s a very divided feeling between the few and far between white people and the many Negros, who work the Porter and Information jobs.
Having to ask directions I hear for the first time the Southern accent, it’s a sweet mix of African, French, Spanish and many more nationalities coming together to pronounce English.
I find New Orleans an amazing place, extremely low socioeconomics yet in full swing at the same time. This is the first time I realize that a lot of Negros have maintained their African heritage, something I could never imagined.


Leaving New Orleans I head to Florida, crossing by bus the deep south of America, a phenomenal journey through the small nameless towns of Mississippi and Alabama into Florida, getting to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.
Florida brings with it an entirely new world, flood plains, swamps, gators, accents don’t have quite as much twang, people are alot more welcoming and friendly, not edgy like the other southern states.

Flying north to New York I’m treated to a snow covered view of the Big Apple.
Walking the icy streets of Manhattan I’m yet again transported to an entirely different world and accent, coffee is corffee and water is warder.
It’s true that NYC never sleeps; cinemas, theaters, coffee shops, restaurants and bars on almost every corner.

Flying to Chicago from NY is a massive wind down, Chicago is a sleepy old city full of  your typical all American residents, drinking beer, eating hot dogs and watching the game.
Chicago doesn’t feel like a city or much of anything at all really, just a massive mid-west town. A fantastic cinema, theater and live music scene though.


The train ride to Detroit through the picturesque rural Illinois, Indiana and Michigan is worth every second.
Detroit is no longer the war zone it once was, today a hub of universities, art galleries and museums. Although still home to some undesirable elements.


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