Detroit to Los Angeles; Epic journey back across America

Leaving the infamous Detroit Michigan, I take my last walk too the bus stop bound for Downtown.
Jefferson Chalmers is quite still, which I was surprised by, expecting a stir from some side street or back alley, yet to my amazement all is still.
finally arriving at the train station on Woodward avenue I feel relieved that I’ll no longer be subject to the torment of the inconsistent bus times in Detroit, although I know it’s still early days for their public transport.
Rolling out through the suburbs I cant help but notice derelict places that I went and took pictures of whilst on my short stay in Motown, I’m amused by this as there were so many places I should of went if I were to conform to the status of “tourist”.
Arriving in Chicago I’ve a three hour layover, the only one for the 3 days and 2 nights of the journey.
Booking in my luggage I head for Downtown or the be specific the Gene Siskel Cinema, where I went to the movies most days when I stayed in Chicago, even being asked if I’d like to become a member to get the cheaper ticket rate, an offer I was presented with back in Sydney at the Palace Cinemas, however my nomadic nature wasn’t going to make it of much benefit to me. I found the cinema in Chicago closed so my layover was spent chasing phantom Wi-Fi at Chicago’s Union Station.
Speeding through Illinois I was fortunate enough to cross the Mississippi river, a feat I have accomplished twice since my arrival in America, once down south, once up north only to fall victim on the otherside to a bland repetitive Iowa country side, cultivation only ending where the sky begins, broken rarely by barns, silos and overalled, gum boot wearing farmers memorized in toil.
All’s not bad though as a sympathetic countryside treats me to what will become one of two breath taking sunsets.
Night time and a chance to have a stretch and absorb some fresh air in Kansas City Missouri.

Kansas is a hub of rail sidings that are only just big enough to be wear the labeled of a town, I’m taken back by the race tracks and rodeo grounds in these towns, they’re that of what’s seen of the fair grounds on the movie Hud or at the beginning of Dallas when Bobby is seen at the rodeo. Kansas also boast a massive contribution to the American corn belt as well as an interest in having center pivots and growing lucerne.

Kansas rolls into Colorado unknowingly except that while the land temporarily stays the same, farms and their houses seem to fall into neglect and a certain state of ruin, while being protected by make shift fences and grizzled hounds.

Colorado eventually evolves into a mass of sandy plains, an occasional stream, gully, ridge and patches of non to appetizing forage that gets scarcer by the mile. As New Mexico draws nearer almost dry river beds give a desert feel to this lonely unpopulated western land.
Crossing Raton Pass at an elevation 7800 ft and arriving at non other then the town of Raton New Mexico.

New Mexico starts out as one would imagine, sandy gullies, ridges, washouts, turning into a sea of grass covered flats bordered by mountainous plateaus, not as all like expected, few and far between 4 barb fences signify some sort of order in a seemingly lawless frontier.

The scenery eventually becoming the surrounds that Hollywood has made sure is known the world over.
A welcomed yet unexpected treat was that it snowed in New Mexico, an incident I would of considered a one of event, making a land I couldn’t feel more familiar with through film seem completely unfamiliar, however I was reassured it isn’t uncommon for snow to fall in New Mexico, just at this time of the year was somewhat out of the ordinary.


As evening grows near, so does Arizona, turning a desert into a desert and with the last hours of light providing a second picturesque sun set.


Only to a wake this morning to be greeted by the infamous California and inevitably Los Angeles, the most overrated city in America, dare I say the world.


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