A walk through of what once sheltered a family from the dangers of Detroit.

No matter how rich and diverse my vocabulary is, I’m yet to find the words to describe how primitive yet humorous I find seeing a level crossing in a city.

One of the many buildings that’s fallen victim to the Detroit economy.

Such a diverse place nestled in and around urban carnage is an outdoorsmans paradise.

What an epic city, from a once thriving industrial monstrosity to a corrupt bankrupt war zone, Detroit now boasts one of the most vibrant up and coming art scenes the world has ever seen.  Detroit known predominantly for Motown and Muscle cars has fallen through the cracks in the last 40 years because of poor economics, driving residents away from Detroit and into the suburbs and other cities and states,  slowly but surely people are returning too Detroit to capitalize on the prices and availability of spaces that Detroit has to offer.

Detroit; Southern Racist Tension Detroit Art Scene

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