As I venture off I’m heading over ground I’ve been burning for the last five months in my new found shearing career, however this day will take me into  country unknown to me if only for a day. I bounce along the well worn Bogan Gate Way out of the Riverina style country of Forbes […]

The exciting 30th anniversary adaptation of Kenneth Slessor’s book of poetry moulded into a musical by Katherine Thomson. Expertly directed by Lee Lewis in Hayes Theater located in the very area Slessor wrote the original work. Darlinghurst Nights bursts on to the stage at full pace with humor, witt, emotion and doesn’t hasten until the […]

Having over 100 millimeters of rain and a town full of disgruntled Vanfest patrons, the 2nd of December saw Forbes Art Society host the official opening of the Black and White Exhibition in the Platypus Gallery situated on the corner of Lachlan and Templar St. Not a single wall space was spared with phenomenal entries […]

River Bank Gallery, Canowindra Having an opportunity to win $500 and the creative freedom to use any medium and any subject the first 1824 People’s Choice couldn’t be anymore enticing. To enter an artist merely purchases their canvas from the River Bank Gallery and lets their creativity loose. The exhibition opens Saturday the 25th November […]

“What an unexpected surprise” I’ve longed to venture to Paris since I booked my holiday to Florence, I had no idea the weekend that was before me. I finished art school Friday evening as per usual and went home to have a shower. Then claiming my already packed bag I casually make my way to […]

What an unlikely place I traveled from Forbes to Grenfell today for the annual Henry Lawson Festival, which is held over the June long weekend in Australia. Whilst I found no interest in the Festival I was quite impressed with the town itself. Everything is as it was from many years gone by, some buildings […]

Today I took a trip to Rankins Springs. John Oxley first passed this area in 1817, he described the area as barren and desolate, Oxley doubted if civilised man would pass this way again. The area has an interesting history although the origins of the towns name remains unknown, boasting a large Black Cockatoo population […]