What an unlikely place I traveled from Forbes to Grenfell today for the annual Henry Lawson Festival, which is held over the June long weekend in Australia. Whilst I found no interest in the Festival I was quite impressed with the town itself. Everything is as it was from many years gone by, some buildings […]

Today I took a trip to Rankins Springs. John Oxley first passed this area in 1817, he described the area as barren and desolate, Oxley doubted if civilised man would pass this way again. The area has an interesting history although the origins of the towns name remains unknown, boasting a large Black Cockatoo population […]

I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the Sydney Writers Festival via live stream at the Griffith Regional Theatre. I watched two of the five sessions. First was Author and Artist Lauren Child. Telling humorous stories about day to day life through poorly drawn cartoons and using characters that are absolute extremities of […]

What a brilliant little market, rather humble yet everything a person could want, fruit, vegetables, baked goods, hot food, cheese and entertainment but what really stood out was all the olives!!! I myself only bought some biscuits and oranges. They were great and relatively affordable. The Dubbo Market  -JLS-

A Long picturesque walk to a peaceful place Although the nights and mornings have been chilly, the lush Riverina has been providing warm Autumn days. I took advantage of the warmth today and made an ardent 5km journey out too the Yenda Cemetery. In a sense I wished the road were longer after being treated […]

Vineyards and Orchards as far as the eye can see Humbly situated in the middle of the thriving Riverina. Yenda seems to be where England and Italy have met and formed a remarkable village full of culture and diversity. An intriguing town, as the streets end the fruit begins. There’s many an empty shop, yet […]

What a pleasant and welcomed surprise  Innocently nestled in the RSL car park to escape the poor weather, however usually held in the more open space behind the Information Center every second Saturday. The Dubbo Market is mixed array of local produce, oils, soaps, baked goods and meats. The most surprising aspect of the Market […]